Women in Rojava and Northern Syria celebrate 8 March

Women in Rojava and Northern Syria took to the street to celebrate 8 March, International Women’s Day and the resistance led by women.

Events and demonstrations had been going on for a week in Rojava and Northern Syria to celebrate 8 March, International Women’s Day.


Events in Qamishlo city have been going on for days to mark 8 March. Women from all cities of the Jazira region gathered at the resort of Hîmo in Qamishlo to celebrate International Women's Day.

The celebration started with the slogan ‘Let's Grow the Struggle under the leadership of Leyla Güven, Let's Grow with Apo and Let's Live Free’ and was followed by an audio of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan talking about 8 March and women's struggle.

Kongreya Star representatives saluted the Basque women delegation who visited Rojava and were followed by speeches by Syriac and Arab women.

The music group Kevana Zêrîn performed during the celebration.


The 8 March celebrations in the Euphrates Region began with a march from Kobanê Free Women's Square.

The women walked towards Martyr Egît Square carrying banners and chanting slogans like ‘Bijî Berxwedana Jina Azad’.

The rally at Martyr Egît Square was addressed by Free Syria Council executive president, Ilham Ehmed and Kongreya Star representatives.

Artists and groups from the Baqî Xido Cultural Center performed during the celebration.


The 8 March celebrations in Shehba started with a march. Hundreds of women gathered in the district of Ehdas to walk to the village of Merata, where a day of activities has been planned.

Women from Kongreya Star and Arab women from Shehba will deliver speeches. Culture and art groups from Kevana Zêrîn will also perform.