Women in NE Syria launch campaign against occupation and genocide

Women's organizations in North-East Syria call on all women's organizations and movements around the world to support the Women's Revolution.

Women's organizations in North and East Syria have started a new campaign against the Turkish state's invading attacks. The women deliver the message "Occupation, genocide and fascism will be defeated".

The joint statement of the women was made at the Serdem Camp in Shehba and the Washokani Camp in the west of Hesekê.

Introducing the motto “No to occupation and genocide! Let's protect women and life together ", the statement reads as follow:

“The events have shown that the Turkish state has taken advantage of the situation in Syria, and has assured its place among the forces that create and deepen the crisis.

Since the start of the Syrian crisis on March 15, 2011, the Turkish state has intervened in the internal affairs of Syria and changed the intervention methods in the course of events.


These attacks are carried out by male-dominated regimes with a sexist mentality and target women in order to limit women's freedom struggle. The aim of all these attacks, which target women who are struggling, is to bring down the Women's Liberation Movement and its organizations. The brutal methods used by the Turkish state in its attacks show that they are afraid of women’s leadership in protecting the revolution and its achievements.


It is known that all these attacks aim to demolish the Democratic Nation project, which represents the peaceful common life of the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac, Chaldean, Turkmen, Circassian and Yazidi peoples.

In order to prevent massacres and war, we should be careful about the danger generated by the Turkish state and we must prevent crimes that jeopardize women's freedom and revolutionary gains. In short, ethnic and cultural genocide, forced migration and demographic change practices committed by the Turkish state and its gangs against the Syrian peoples are considered within the scope of crimes against humanity and war crimes. Therefore, the Turkish state will be judged and punished sooner or later.


With this campaign we have started, a great power will be shaped through women's solidarity and unity; occupation, genocide and fascism will be defeated. Within the scope of the campaign, many actions will be carried out across Northern and Eastern Syria.

We invite the international community and the United Nations Security Council to put pressure on the Turkish state, which threatens regional and global security, to stop its attacks and to withdraw its forces attacking Syrian territory.

We call on all women's organizations and movements around the world to support the Women's Revolution. Because the achievements of this revolution are the achievements of all the women of the world. Therefore, to protect the revolution on behalf of the world, it is necessary to support the SDF, YPG and YPJ that fight against the dark forces for humanity. "


The women's organizations that signed the statement are:

Kongreya Star

Syrian Women's Council

Syrian Women's Union

Women's Justice Council

Autonomous Management Women's Coordination

-North and East Syria Women's Council

Syrian Future Party Women's Bureau

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Women's Bureau

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Women's Bureau

Young Women's Union

Sara Organization to Combat Violence Against Women

Peace Management Network

Syrian Women's Rights Research and Protection Center

Human Rights Organization

Insaf Progress Organization

El Yasmin Organization

Sawuşka Women's Cooperative

-Komperatîfa Sawoşka ya Jin

Aşna Progress Organization

Ferat Aid and Progress Organization

Edil Human Rights Center

Dicle Ecology Conservation Cooperative

Belsem Health Education Center

Şemal Humanitarian Relief and Development Cooperative

Cizre Progress Organization

Erd al-Selam Organization

Kobanê Relief and Progress Organization

Hêvî Aid and Progress Organization

Soz Aid and Progress Organization

Eta El Baxoz Progress Organization

Sewaad Progress Organization - Dêrazor

Du Ceman Forum Organization

Dan Aid and Progress Organization

Terahum Progress Organization

Doz Non-Governmental Organization

Sibe Xweşe Relief and Development Cooperative

Maya Cooperative

Nur Can Cooperative - Amûdê