Women in Frankfurt protest male violence

The European Women's Solidarity organised a protest against male violence in Frankfurt. Many women's organisations and institutions attended the action.

New Women, SKB, Zora, Sekuläre Migrantinnen, Amara, Courage, ADKH, Migrant Women's Association, Didif Young Women and many other civil society organisations participated in the action that took place on Wednesday.

The women gathered for Meryem Şahin, who was murdered in Hamburg by her husband on 1 May. She had been living a part from him for 7 years. The women called for an enlargement of the struggle against male violence.

Şahin's friends and relatives also joined the action. Activists also remembered Saray Güven, who was raped and murdered near Münster on 20 August 2017.

The activists said that in fact those punished were the victims, while those who killed women were actually rewarded.

Women called for an enlarged and organized struggle against male violence.