Women demand freedom for Öcalan

Syria Youth Council co-chair, Albin Ehmed said young women will step up initiative for Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan.

The occupying Turkish state keeps Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan under a heavy isolation regime in Imrali prison. 

He cannot meet lawyers and family as the Prosecutor’s office invents new stories and excuses every time for perpetuating what is a blatant violation of any international law. 

Co-chair of the Syrian Youth Council and member of the Northern Syrian Young Women's Union, Albin Ehmed, said that the imposition of the isolation regime on Kurdish People's Leadership Abdullah Öcalan was actually also aimed at attacking the freedom of all peoples.

The conspiracy against the Kurdish People’s Leader, did not succeed, said Ehmed who added that the invading Turkish state could not prevent free thinking. 

"Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan has given young women and oppressed peoples a prominent role in the struggle to free themselves from the capitalist system”, she said. 

All young people, she added - “and especially young women, must play their leading role in the democratic society in opposition to the capitalist systems that reduces the role, possibilities and energy of women”.

Albin Ehmed ended her remarks by appealing on human rights organizations and international organizations to call for joint actions aimed at putting pressure on the Turkish state, which - she said - has to stop violating Öcalan’s rights and has to adhere to international laws. Isolation, she concluded, must end.