Woman shoots husband in Antalya in act of self-defense

In Antalya, a woman shot her husband who brutalized her. The violent perpetrator had announced that he would kill the woman and her children. While the man is dead, the woman was arrested.

In Antalya, a woman defended herself against her husband who wanted to kill her and their children. The perpetrator of violence was shot dead.

The incident occurred on Friday morning in the Döşemealtı district. Ramazan Ipek, 37, had tied up 31-year-old Melek Ipek on Thursday evening and abused her throughout the night. When he said he would kill his wife and their common children, Melek Ipek defended herself and shot the violent perpetrator with a rifle. She then called the emergency medical service, which determined that Ramazan Ipek was dead.

Melek Ipek, who has visible marks on her face from the violence she experienced, was arrested by the police.