Woman freed from ISIS captivity wants to join YPJ

Fatma Şerif from Raqqa, freed from ISIS who used her as a slave for three years, wants to take up arms and join YPJ ranks now.

All those freed from ISIS captivity has a story, mostly a painful one. Fatma Eli Şerif is one of those women.

Fatma Eli Şerif, mother of three, is a woman from Raqqa. Her husband lost his life 8 years ago. She has been struggling to save her children from ISIS over the past one year. During the latest SDF offensive in the region, the woman and her children have been freed from ISIS.

Speaking of the savagery of the ISIS, Fatma Eli Şerif told the following: “An ISIS leader aged 60 wanted to marry my 13-year-old daughter whom he later wanted to marry off with other gangs through a 'jihadist marriage'.



38 years old woman continued, telling the followings as to what they have been through under ISIS captivity:

"The gangs subjected us to an intense psychological war. Our problem was not about eating or drinking. The gangs treated us like toys and they wanted to use us that way. They were making small girls wear a short dress and walk around among the people. If what they do is Islam, then I am no Muslim."


Fatma Eli Şerif said she had managed to flee from the ISIS camp together with her children and reached the SDF fighters.

"I need to take up arms to spill out my hatred and rage against the ISIS. We served the ISIS gangs as slaves for three years. I no more accept slavery and I do not want to turn back to that bad life again."


Fatma Eli Şerif said she was determined to join the YPJ together with her children, adding: “They may not accept this though. Still, I am determined. I am near the YPJ forces for two hours now to talk this issue with them. I will stay with them.”