‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform’ in Turkey faces closure case

The fight against feminicide is against "law and morality", according to the Turkish authorities. The platform "We Will Stop Femicides", which has been active nationwide for twelve years, is to be banned. The association calls for solidarity.

A closure case has been filed against the ‘We Will Stop Femicides Platform’ (tr. (Kadın Cinayetlerini Durduracağız Platformu, KCDP).

The Association on Wednesday released a written statement on the closure case, saying the following:

"We bring to the public attention that a lawsuit for annulment has been filed against our association for allegedly 'acting against the laws and morality'. The judicial authorities claim that various complaint petitions against our association have created strong criminal suspicion. The complaint petitions in question, which are based on no concrete facts, claim that our association attempts to disintegrate the family structure. Moreover, a series of police records are added to the file, including investigations that did not even turn into a lawsuit and did not constitute a crime.

Making up crimes against us with these unlawful and baseless allegations is unacceptable even in terms of the existing legal order. While we urge the government, prosecutors and courts to do their duty in favour of women, they prefer to target the pro-woman activists through such empty cases. To us, this case is not separate from the women's struggle for life, equality and freedom.”