Two more femicides in Adana and Aydın

A 24-year-old woman in Adana and a 33-year-old woman in Aydın were murdered.

According to the information received, 24-year-old Şermin Sarı was murdered by Erhan Poyraz, her former husband. The couple had divorced two years ago. The woman was killed in Adana's central Yüreğir district.

It has been reported that Sarı filed a complaint against Erhan Poyraz 4 days ago and had a restraining order for him. Despite the order, Poyraz went to the house where Sarı, a mother of two children, was living, tortured and murdered her. After the murder, Poyraz went to the police and gave himself up.


Necla Aydoğdu, 33, was murdered with a cutting tool by her husband, Mustafa Aydoğdu (32) in Koçarlı, in the province of Aydın.

Neighbours called the gendarmerie that went to the scene and detained Mustafa Aydoğdu.