TJK-E opened an information stand in Strasbourg

TJK-E opened a stand in Strasbourg within the scope of the "Stand Up for Change and Freedom" initiative. Reception for feminist organisation to be held today.

The "Stand up for Change and Freedom" was launched by the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) in July.

Zin Women's Initiative opened an information stand in Strasbourg.

The initiative was launched on July 19, the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, and it involves the opening of stands and meetings in European countries. Stands were first opened in Germany and Switzerland.

The stand in Strasbourg was opened in Kleber Square to underline the invasion threats issued by Turkey and its continuous genocide and massacre targeting nature.

The campaign brochures prepared in French, German, English, Kurdish and Turkish emphasize the importance of self-defense and the importance of struggle awareness to prevent violence against women and murders of women as well as the Turkish State's invasion of Kurdistan.

Organization is the biggest self-defense, write the brochure adding that women's organization aims at strengthening the existing institutions.

The brochures also address the issues of “women and migration, women and violence, women and economy, women and education, women and culture, mother tongue”.

The campaign has planned a reception at the DKTM in Strasbourg for feminist organisations today.