TJK-E: Let's celebrate 1 May with new and creative ways

"Let's welcome this year's Labor Day as the day of breaking the chains of slavery, establishing a united women and laborers struggle," said TJK-E in a written statement celebrating 1 May.

The European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E) issued a written statement to celebrate 1 May, International Workers' Day. "This is one of the historical days created by all world workers with great prices and struggles, especially women's struggle. We salute all workers. We respectfully remember the leaders and martyrs of socialism, who created the spirit of resistance, the universal unity of freedom, equality, democracy and working people, which created the spirit of resistance of 1 May."

TJK-E reminded that this year "1 May will be celebrated in a period when women, peoples and all the workers are under attack. Capitalist forces have deepened the exploitation of human labor, especially women's labor, from factories to fields, schools to hospitals, to homes."

TJK-E added: "Let's celebrate this year's 1 May as the day to break all the slavery chains and create the unity of struggle of all women and workers. As women from Kurdistan, we would like to state our determination to lead in creating a partnership in a global labor movement. With the spirit of 1 May we will create the democratic communal life system led by women in the spirit of democratic socialism."

The women's movement called on women to "organize in a stronger way, to increase resistance and to protect their labor in order to break up the isolation imposed on our leader, President Abdullah Öcalan, and to break down all colonialism forces, beginning with the AKP-MHP fascism. We call upon all women, workers and peoples to celebrate 1 May in creative and new ways."