TJK-E launches '100 reason to Prosecute the Dictator' campaign

The Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (Tevgera Jinên Kurd li Ewropayê, TJK-E) has launched the '100 reasons to prosecute the dictator' today, International Day against Violence against Women.

'100 reasons to prosecute the dictator' is the name of the campaign launched by the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (Tevgera Jinên Kurd li Ewropayê, TJK-E) today, International Day against Violence against Women.

Now the campaign takes a new step in which "we will fight creatively and resolutely for the recognition of feminicide as a crime against humanity and the sentencing of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in front of the Criminal Court," said the statement by TJK-E.

Reminding that "Iin various places around the world, women experience the direct impact of right-wing totalitarian, fascist, conservative, sexist governments and heads of state, TJK-E adds that "feminicides are linked to the wars in the world. They are linked to exploitative basic structures, such as patriarchy, which are also the basis for wars."

Numerous massacres have been committed against women in the last decade, especially in Syria, Şengal and Rojava. The Turkish government as supporter and accomplice as well as other indirect supporters have been guilty of the biggest crimes against humanity against women in the 21st century. The fascism of the AKP-MHP regime in Turkey shows itself more and more open and becomes a permanent threat to women and a freedom oriented society.

"Within this framework and in general, - said TJK-E - it is nothing new that there is often a special war policy against women. The number of women in Turkey alone who have been banned from the political sphere, public life and profession because of offences of opinion and are now held hostage in prisons is around 10,000! It is not enough to criticize these crimes against women and to protest in the streets; it is time to evaluate these crimes against women on an international level and to call to account the defenders of this fascist regime that systematically commits massacres against women."

With this campaign, the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe, "will take another energetic step towards naming Erdoğan as one of the main perpetrators of feminicides and draw the consequences. We demand accountability for the crimes against women and society! We also demand that the murders of women be defined as feminicide and recognized as crimes against humanity!"

In the first phase of this campaign the aim is to collect 100.000 signatures, beginning today and until 8 March, but also "share stories of murdered women, take action, take legal steps and create alliances against feminicide and fascism. We will be the voice of the murdered women against the dictator who commits massacres every day."

The petition can be signed here

"Every signature, every action carried out in the framework of our campaign will bring the dictator one step closer to his condemnation and will limit the dictator(s) sphere of action," said TJK-E adding: "Yes, we as women defend the free society and the free woman against the massacre of women. Let us strengthen our forces, let us make our voices loud! This is a good day to unite in the struggle against fascism, the murder of women, dictatorships, occupation and massacres! Jin, Jîyan, Azadî!"