TJA: Let's turn every space into a 1 May celebration area

TJA stated that the AKP-MHP government aims to turn the pandemic into an opportunity.

Free Women's Movement (Tevgera Jinên Azad, TJA) issued a written message to mark 1 May. "The exploitative governments, that see this pandemic as an opportunity, have deepened the extortion of rights for the workers globally."

AKP-MHP government sees the virus as an opportunity to further deepen injustice

The statement said: "Staying at home means increasing workload and labor exploitation for women. Given the uncertainty of the outbreak, it is clear that these problems will become increasingly bitter."

The statement added: "Ongoing usurpation of rights in Turkey has grown esponentially. The AKP-MHP alliance has deepened an already fascist era. The AKP-MHP alliance is first of all responsible for the deaths of thousands of laborers every year, and second it has attempted to transform this process into political interest."

The statement pointed out that the recently approved Law of Execution poses the life of women at risk as it includes releasing hundreds of sex offenders. 

At the end of its message, TJA underlined: "The unity of women workers and all oppressed classes will play an important role in the change that will allow us to make another world possible out of this new crisis. Let's turn every place we live into a 1 May area. Let's chant together: Health for the people, right to free collective bargaining, right to live humanly."