TJA activists in Izmir begin activities to mark 25 November

TJA activists in Izmir said that they will welcome 25 November with the slogan ‘Time for Women's freedom against war, violence and poverty’ and began three weeks of actions and activities.

Tevgera Jinen Azad (TJA – Free Women’s Movement) Izmir began three weeks of actions and activities that will lead to 25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Activists said that this year’s slogan is ‘Time for Women's freedom against war, violence and poverty’. Speaking at the HDP Izmir Provincial Organization, TJA activist Newroz Çelik said that they will welcome 25 November in a context in which war intensified and the killings of women, violence, assimilation and special war policies escalated.

'We will not remain silent against attacks'

Çelik said: "There is nothing that the patriarchal capitalist system will not do to try and destroy society." Emphasizing that the male state, which abolished the Istanbul Convention, covets the gains of women, Newroz added: “We are aware of what the government wants to do with its usurping, plundering, oppressing attitude and its sexist, discriminatory, religious policies. We women, who are passionate about the beauty of life, are determined to never give up what is ours and to take back what you stole from us. We do not and will not bow neither to your barbaric practices that are hostile to women and life, nor to your dark mentality. We will not remain silent against your policies of intimidation, punishment, starvation and destruction. Every day, every moment, we will grow.”