The University of Rojava starts Jineology programme

The University of Rojava in Qamishlo starts Jineology (Women Studies) programme for the upcoming semester that starts on October 16.

Jineology (Kurdish: Jineolojî‎), the science of women, or women's science, is a form of feminism and gender equality advocated by Abdullah Öcalan. Now the University of Rojava has started a programme on Jineology for its students.

The new two-year programme will offer a comprehensive and detailed academic work on women related issues.

Under the Jineology programme students will study Introduction to Jineology, Concepts and Theories, Centrist Civilization and Democratic Civilization, the Sociology of Freedom, Sexism, the Truth Regime, Kurdish, English, Arabic, Research Methods, Computer, Aesthetics, Demography and the Economics of Commune courses.

The Department of Jineology will provide classes in Kurdish and accept only female students to begin with.