Solidarity with Afrin at Jineoloji camp in Bilbao

In the Basque Country there is a Jineoloji camp with international participation. In addition to seminars and workshops, the participants also take to the streets to demonstrate solidarity with the resistance of Afrin.

In Bilbao, a women's action for Afrin has taken place by participants of an international Jineoloji camp that started at the end of March. The activists performed a performance on a central square that addressed attacks on the civilian population in Afrin.

During the following demonstration, speakers highlighted the struggle of women in Rojava and the responsibility of Russia and European states in the occupation of Afrin. In the Turkish invasion, the women were attacked who had successfully fought against the ISIS, said a speaker. 

After the street action, the camp program continued with an exchange of experiences on how to organize women in different countries and regions. The discussion covered examples from the Basque Country, Catalonia, Aragon, the Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal and other countries.

75 women from different countries participate in the Jineoloji Camp which is organized by the Basque Solidarity Committee for Kurdistan.