Serhad: 2021 to mark the end of fascism and the freedom of Öcalan

PAJK Coordination Member Ronahî Serhad said that women exceeded their goal of opening enough space for themselves in a male-dominated world and added that they are steering for a woman-oriented world.

PAJK (Kurdistan Women's Liberation Party, Partiya Azadiya Jin a Kurdistan) Coordination Member Ronahî Serhad said that a new radical search and ideological questioning developed in the theory of women's liberation, "A New Feminist Theory" prepared for this purpose. For Serhad, foundations of a new beginning are introduced with the "21st Century Woman Manifesto" and "Feminism for the 99 Percent" debates. Women who struggle by transcending the system are building a new system.

Here is the second part of the interview.

Towards the end of the year, Kurdish women in Europe started a long-term campaign demanding to try Erdogan. Why is this initiative important?

The campaign launched by the European Women's Movement called "100 Reasons to prosecute the Dictator" is meaningful and valuable.

Almost every few days in Afrin, a Kurdish girl is kidnapped, raped and killed. Afrin is our bleeding wound. On the other hand, the KDP and Iraq signed an agreement on Shengal with the approval of Turkey. The Kurdish people and women who are sacrificed to the interests of Russia-USA are kept under precarious conditions.

Our Leader [Ocalan] who exposed 200 years of Turkish colonialism, encouraged women to struggle and defends the autonomy model for the common life of the peoples, is being kept in the Imrali isolation system with the decision of NATO. He cannot enjoy any of his legal rights. The "End Fascism and Occupation, Time for Freedom" initiative launched by the KJK and KCK to eliminate this persecution has a historical significance. In addition, the "Time to Defend Free Women and Society Against Femicide", which KJK started in September 2020, responds to the character and needs of the struggle period. To embrace our Leader by carrying out the initiatives successfully, is to embrace the democratic solution of the Kurdish problem and the freedom of women.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who personally organized terrorist activities with the power of the state, launched a witch hunt against women by openly targeting our Kurdish Women's Movement. Wherever women are actively fighting, the government has decided to silence them all. They organize, plan and put into action violence by killing, not taking criminal action for murders of women, silencing women by putting them in prisons, and using all kinds of methods and policies. The disappearance of Gülistan Doku, the rape of Ipek Er leading her to commit suicide, the torture of TJA member Sevil Rojbin Çetin with dogs, the throwing of two Kurdish people from a helicopter, and more… All these violations are documented in rights violations reports.

Women did not keep silent against war, destruction and violence in 2020. On the contrary, they resisted by sharpening their will for freedom and organizing their courage. The struggle of women, who said that they will not be silent, they will not obey, continued the struggle for democracy and freedom in 2020, became a source of inspiration and pioneered it. Women guerrillas successfully fulfilled their duty of defence at the front lines in the ranks of YJA STAR and HPG. The actions of women were the hallmarks of the year. In 2020, women had a successful practice in self-defence and social struggle.

What should Kurdish women aim for in the new year, what more can be done?

Of course, we could achieve more, we could do more work. We could expand our organizational capacity better and do very valuable work shoulder to shoulder with the young generation. We did, but it was insufficient. We could decipher the MIT's and others' dirty work against women and youth and clean our society from this dirt.

Since our efforts in this direction are insufficient, it is our fault that many young women and some young cadre candidates of our Movement were taken. We remained incapable of neutralizing and removing special war policies. We could not sufficiently raise ecological problems. The attempts to stop the enemy activity that burned the Kurdish lands and set the forest areas on fire throughout the year raised sensitivity, but the destruction could not be prevented. Even though policies were developed for the social problems faced by women, it was not enough to create and organize such opportunities for introducing concrete solution alternatives.

Even though the period perspective has been determined with the claim that even a single woman will not remain unorganized, we know that there are houses and women that are not reached or visited. This is leaving the people and women at the mercy of the AKP and the male mentality.

In this sense, 2021 will be a period of intense work and struggle on the basis of eliminating the shortcomings we have outlined. We will continue our struggle radically within the framework of the move launched to liberate our leader and to hold fascism to account. In this sense, we once again salute our PAJK and PKK comrades who voiced this move with the resistance of the hunger strike. We will intensify our work for the development of women's common defence, action and organization. We will use every place and time as an area of ​​resistance to defend ourselves and our values.

As well as discussing the 21st century women's manifesto, we will have an attitude towards enriching women's freedom by participating in planned discussions, getting the right strength from each other and sharing. We will enlarge the women's resistance front to defeat fascism. We will not allow betrayal by working to ensure the Kurdish national unity, which is the basic desire of the Kurdish people. We will continue to hold the murderers to account. We will not forget the Kurdish young man who was shot in the heart for listening to Kurdish songs, our mother who received the remains of her son Agit by post, in a package, the remains of our comrades buried on sidewalks, the screams of the people of Afrin and the dreams and pain of the women who were victims of male-state massacres.

The honourable resistance of our comrade Zeynep Celaliyan in the Iranian prison gives women strength and we will increase the resistance. We will turn pain into anger and sharpen our will. We will not hesitate to make an effort, regardless of the cost, to implement the women's revolution in order to create a free, democratic and equal society.

This is in accordance with our promise to the martyrs. As we enter a new year of struggle, I wish success to all women and everyone who struggled, and call on the women of Kurdistan and the youth to fight in the revolutionary ranks and take part in the self-defence resistance.