Seferi Yılmaz finds a microphone in his house

A microphone secretly hidden was found in the house of Seferi Yılmaz, the owner of Umut Bookstore.

According to Mezopotamya Agency (MA), a microphone was found in the house of Şemdinli Municipality former co-mayor Seferi Yılmaz, who is living in Hakkari.

Yılmaz was injured by state forces following an attack on his Umut Bookstore in 2005. The Yılmaz family disassembled the device and found a camera. The device was still working. 

Yılmaz said: "The AKP is now doing what FETÖ has done in the past. Information about us is being collected illegally. They even moved it to a point where they would just place a device inside our house."
Yılmaz added: "I will not let go this situation. The public should not remain silent on this issue. I will make all necessary legal applications. This issue should not be covered up. I am waiting for support from the opposition and civil society organizations on this matter. The device number is known and where it comes from is also known."

Not the first time

Bekir Karageçili, a member of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) party council, who lives in the Karageçi District of Siverek in Urfa, found a camera hidden about 30 meters from his house.