SDF commander: We repelled Turkey's attacks in Ain Issa

Baz Cindirês, one of Girê Spî SDF commander assessed the attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenaries against Ain Issa and said that the Turkish state’s attempts to seize the strategic highway and villages were prevented.

The occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries have been attacking Ain Issa since 23 October 2020. The Turkish state and its mercenaries want to invade the M4 highway and 6 villages of Ain Issa.

Commenting on the issue to our agency, Baz Cindirês, one of Girê Spî SDF commanders, said: “Ain Issa has a strategic position. That's why the Turkish state wants to invade the region. Because this is the intersection point of the regions of Jazira, Fırat and Raqqa. Therefore, it has a strategic importance. What Turkey is trying to do is breaking the connection between regions."

"We resist the attacks"

Stating that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters resisted the attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenaries, Baz Cindirês said: “They fired mortars against 200 different regions in the last 5 months. They have attempted to infiltrate many times, but each time the attack was pushed back. Each time they left their dead behind and fled. Russia has been a mediator for the dead to be taken.”

Referring to the silence of the Russian and Damascus governments in the face of the attacks, Cindirês said: “The demand of the Syrians is clear: The government of Russia and Damascus must stand up against the attacks of the Turkish state. However, Russia does not fulfil its responsibility."

Citizens who protested in front of Russia's headquarters repeatedly asked Russia to stop the attacks.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria had previously asked Russia and the United States to fulfil their responsibilities and stop the attacks.