People of Behdinan rise up against Turkish occupation

Growing reactions against Turkish invasion of southern Kurdistan amidst preparations for a large-scale operation in the region in cooperation with the ruling KDP.

The people of Behdînan blocked the road between Amêdiye and Şêladizê and started an uprising against Turkish occupation and the collaboration of the KDP, the ruling party in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

While the anti-occupation demonstration continues, KDP forces are trying to disperse the people by force.

The Turkish state has been expanding its occupation of the region for years with the help of the KDP. As if southern Kurdistan were not Iraqi territory with Kurdish autonomy, but Turkish territory, Turkish troops are carrying out identity checks, building military bases and attacking villages and mountains. Since 17 April 2022, the Turkish army has been trying to gain control of the mountains of southern Kurdistan. However, the guerrillas are putting up fierce resistance to the Turkish occupation. In recent days, Turkish troop contingents have been deployed to Amadiya. While people from many villages in the region have had to flee due to the soldiers and airstrikes, Kurds in many places around the world are protesting against the collaboration of the KDP with Turkish fascism.