Men kills two women in Konya

Büşra Gizem Güzelsoy and her mother Gülya Barutçu were murdered by Ömer Igret in Konya.

Ömer Iğret, who lives in the neighbourhood Seljuk in Konya, killed his ex-fiancee Büşra Gizem Güzelsoy and her mother Gülya Barutçu. The two women were in their cars when the man shot them, on Tuesday evening.

Ömer Iğret run from the scene. 27-year-old Büşra Gizem Güzelsoy and 48-year-old mother Gülya Barutçu died.

The police started an operation to capture Iğret, but it was subsequently learned that the man had committed suicide with the same weapon.

It was also revealed that Büşra Gizem Güzelsoy went to the police station about 2 hours before being killed and filed a complaint about Ömer Iğret, applying for a protection order.