Men killed 24 women in Turkey in March

Men killed at least 24 women in March.

According to news compiled by Bianet from local and national newspapers, news websites and news agencies, men killed at least 24 women (in March 2023 men killed 23 women) and three children in March.  T

Men killed at least 4 women despite restraining orders. One of the men was a police officer and one was a petty officer. 

Additionally, the deaths of at least 31 women reported in the press were suspected cases of femicides.

Men killed 89 women in the first three months of the year. 

Provinces where suspicious deaths occurred

Antalya (5), Çorum (1), Burdur (1), Bursa (2), Denizli (1), Edirne (1), Isparta (2), İstanbul (3), Karabük (2), Kayseri (1), Kocaeli (2), Malatya (1), Muğla (1), Samsun (3), Şırnak (1), Trabzon (2), Zonguldak (2).