'Maxmur mothers are symbols of will and resistance'

Female activists and journalists living in Sulaymaniyah salute the resistance of women who are resisting the Iraqi military siege in the Maxmur refugee camp.

Women activists and journalists living in Sulaymaniyah spoke to Rojnews about the resistance and determination of Maxmur women against the Iraqi army's attempts to besiege the Rüstem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Pointing to the leading role of women in Maxmur in the resistance ongoing since May 20, journalist Şato Muhammed said: “Women all over the world face harassment and oppression. There are many women who were forced to commit suicide or were killed because of what was imposed on them. However, there is also resistance from organized women in response. Mothers in Maxmur are also women of resistance.”

Muhammed continued: “Mothers in Maxmur are resisting the attacks of the invaders and the enemies of the Kurds. These mothers have no weapons other than their will.”

Activist Cihan Selah condemned the Iraqi army's attempt to besiege the Maxmur Camp, defining the action as a violation of human rights. “If the Iraqi government maintains this attitude, it will violate all human rights. The camp residents have been living there for years.”

Selah added: “The women in Maxmur are resisting the Iraqi army and we respect their will. Whenever a disaster happens, the Kurdish people stand against the attacks with the will of women and a sense of resistance. This resistance will continue until it succeeds.”

According to Selah, the resistance of the Maxmur women showed the enemy that no force could break their will.