Martyrs' Families Women's Council holds second conference in Qamishlo

The second conference of the Martyrs' Families Women's Council was held in Rimêlan.

The second conference of the Martyrs' Families Women's Council was held at the Aram Tigran Culture and Art Center in Rimêlan, in Qamishlo. The conference was attended by 400 delegates from Jazira and Euphrates regions. Speeches were made on behalf of the Democratic Society Movement and Martyrs' Families Assembly. Speakers said they would continue the struggle of the martyrs.

After the speeches, the 2-year working report of the Martyrs' Families Women's Council was read and then evaluated by delegates who drew attention to the importance of women's organization.

Delegates emphasized the importance of supporting the education of the families of martyrs and economic projects for women.

At the end of the conference, 8 members of the Martyr Families Women's Council were elected and the final document was read.

The conference approved the following decisions:

- After the school holidays, strengthened education programs should be organized for the children of martyrs.

- Education academies should be opened to include the wives, mothers and first-degree relatives of martyrs.

- Workers should be trained by expert staff to allow the implementation of small economic projects.

- General Economy Committees affiliated to the council should be opened all over the region.

- Sweet businesses should be opened to facilitate, with their profit, the opening of other businesses.

- Work should be carried out for the development of agricultural projects.