March 8 rally in Kobanê: Struggle is the assurance for women’s freedom

Women organized a march to celebrate March 8 Women Day in Kobanê and gave the message: "Our struggle is the assurance for women's freedom".

Internal Security Forces, representatives of non-governmental organizations and activists gathered in the Free Women's Square in Kobanê on Thursday to mark March 8, International Women's Day. The activists displayed images of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a banner that read "Our struggle secures women's freedom".

The march was followed by a rally at the Peace Square. Speaking here, Mihemed Selmo, an administrator of the Sirîn Council, congratulated all women on the Women’s Day and wished that March 8 events would lead to liberation for all women. Condemning the crimes committed by the Turkish state and its gangs against the peoples of North and East Syria, Selmo emphasized that the peoples' resistance will continue.

Sebrî Nebo, deputy co-chair of the Girê Spî Canton Council, congratulated all women who have been resisting. Nebo pointed out that women have risen to prominence in the political field thanks to the ideas of Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan adding that women ensure the continuity of the society.