Kurdish student ‘disappeared’ in Iran

Meryem Fereci is feared to have been taken into custody in Tehran.

After Kurdish student Meryem Fereci, who is studying in Tehran, is feared to have been taken into custody by the Iranian regime, no news has been learned as to her fate.

Her lawyer, Mihemed Hisen Axasi, told Roj News that Meryem Fereci has ‘disappeared’ for eight days now.

The lawyer feared the worse if the student is in the hand of the Iranian regime forces.

The Iranian Revolutionary Court had handed out three prison terms to Meryem Fereci and had forbidden her to go abroad for two years.

Later, this sentence was converted into supervised freedom and the student had to report to the police every day to sign in.

Lawyer Axasi stated that Fereci had been missing from her home for a week.

According to the latest information obtained, it is unknown where she was detained by Tehran police and where she was taken.