Kongreya Star congratulates the women's movements in Argentine

A historic decision was made in the Pope's homeland this week with the legalization of abortion. The women's umbrella organization of Northeast Syria Kongreya Star sends congratulations "to the struggling comrades" in Argentina.

The women's umbrella organization in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, Kongreya Star, congratulates women's movements in Argentina on their success in legalizing abortion. After years of struggle by Argentine women, the Senate voted Wednesday night to pass a historic abortion bill by 38 votes in favor to 29 against. Earlier, the bill had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies. According to the bill, pregnancies can be terminated up to the 14th week. The cost will be borne by the public health system.

"December 30, 2020 will go down in history as a historic day. Not only for our Argentine comrades, but also for women around the world. Because on that day, patriarchy had to take a step back," Kongreya Star wrote in its message to Argentina's women's movements.

Argentina is thus the first major country in Catholic-majority Latin America where abortions can now be performed legally and free of charge. Since the early 1920s, abortions had been banned in the Pope's homeland and were punishable by up to four years in prison. Exceptions were only permitted after rape or if the mother's life was in danger.