Kongra Star trains women in weapons and first aid

Rojava is in a state of emergency and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria called for mobilisation against Turkish attacks. The women's association Kongra Star trains women in weapons and first aid for the wounded.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) declared a state of emergency in the self-governing areas on 6 July in view of the Turkish threat of invasion. Turkey is trying to break the will of the population and drive people to flee with daily drone and artillery attacks. In the course of the mobilisation against Turkish occupation, training courses for self-defence and for the emergency care of the wounded are held in the towns and villages of north-eastern Syria.

The Women's Association Kongra Star has started to train women in firearms and first aid. The courses last between five and seven days and the participants are taught how to behave in emergencies. Cihan Ehmed from Amûdê, who is taking part in one of the courses, said: "We learn how to use weapons so that we can defend ourselves and our country alongside our fighters. It is a very critical time and the Turkish state wants to occupy our country. Most of us are mothers and we will not leave our fighting children alone." Cihan Ehmed added that the Turkish state has not yet received permission for a full-scale invasion and is therefore trying to achieve results with drone attacks: "It is indiscriminately attacking children, women and the elderly. We demand a no-fly zone for Turkey in northern Syria. We don't rely on any foreign power to defend our region."

Viyan Yusif is a member of Kongra Star's education committee and sees an urgent need for weapons training for women. She stated that the entire population of the north-eastern Syrian autonomous region lives in constant danger due to Turkey's attacks and threats. As in all wars, it is women who suffer the most, she said and added, "The fact that women are now learning to defend themselves even with weapons in an emergency is based on the strategy of revolutionary people's war. We will not leave our country and we will defend ourselves. We are prepared for all kinds of attacks.”