KNK: Kurdish women give hope to the Middle East

KNK Women's Commission slammed the rapist practices of the Turkish state and said that Kurdish women gave hope to the Middle East and the world.

The Women's Commission of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) issued a written statement to mark the March 8 International Working Women's Day.

The statement of the KNK Women's Commission includes the following:

"As in history, states are occupying Kurdistan. Moreover, a special policy is carried out against Kurdish women. The further Kurdish women advance, the more enemies attack. They are abducted, sexually abused and murdered. Crimes against women are committed by the Turkish state which is waging an ideological war.

The Turkish state is taking revenge on Kurdish women by killing, kidnapping and raping them in Afrin. They are doing this because Kurdish women defeated ISIS. The Turkish state also targets women politicians with drones and threatens Kurdish women activists in Europe through its special forces following the murder of Sakine Cansiz, Leyla Şaylemez and Fidan Doğan in Paris.

The Turkish state acts strategically against Kurdish women in North Kurdistan. It targets thousands of Kurdish politician women, peace mothers, women MPs and women activists in an attempt to scare and silence the Kurdish women. The Turkish state is scared of the power of Kurdish women.

The Turkish state approaches women in Bashur (South Kurdistan) in a different way in its war against Kurdish women. It tries to break the spirit of resistance of the Kurdish women through television, commercials, films and cultural institutions."

The KNK Women's Commission also remarked over the Turkish state's hostile policy towards Yazidi women.

Referring to the attacks of the Iranian regime, KNK Women's Commission said, “The aim of the Iranian regime is clear. It also wants to silence the voices of Kurdish women in society. Therefore, the resistance and vitality of the Kurdish women is the guarantee for the free future of Rojhilat (East Kurdistan).”