KJK: Time to step up the Mothers' struggle

KJK said the attack on Saturday Mothers exposed the real face of the AKP.

Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) responded with a written statement to the attack on the Saturday Mothers last week.

“The Saturday Mothers - said the statement - were attacked brutally while trying to stage the 700th of their weekly actions. The Saturday Mothers had turned their action into an organized struggle for 23 years, searching with patience and hope for the truth about the fate of their beloved and seeking for justice”.  

The statement added: “With a great courage and insistence on their struggle in search of their children, the Mothers have exposed the real face of the AKP, showing what this one-man regime is about, an intolerant and fascist government implementing sexist policies”.

Addressing directly the AKP, the KJK stated: “You will lose against the mothers in search of peace, freedom and hope. Humanity will prevail with the struggle of women, peoples, and mothers. We urge all Turkish people, women, everyone who insist on peace and truth to step up their struggle for freedom. It is time for democracy, peace, freedom struggle, anti-war protest. Fascism will go and lose with the organized struggle of women!"