KJK: It's time for women, for revolution, for freedom!

On the occasion of the upcoming International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Community of Women from Kurdistan calls for a new beginning and the building of a women's system.

The Coordination of the Community of Women from Kurdistan (Komalên Jinên Kurdistan, KJK) released a statement calling for a new departure in women's struggle on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The statement said, "As we welcome the Day of Struggle Against Violence Against Women on November 25, we remember all the resistant women who have been murdered by the violence of the male state. From YPJ commander Sosin Bîrhat to Filipina guerrilla commander Ella, from Deniz Poyraz of Kurdistan to Afghan women's activist Frozan Safi, from pregnant Polish woman Isabela to British woman Sarah Everard, we remember all women killed by male state violence. We repeat our promise to continue our non-stop struggle until liberation under the slogans “Jin Jiyan Azadî” and “NiUnaMenos."

Tearing down the walls of Imrali

Regarding the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan for over 22 years, KJK said, "Rêber Apo [Leader Öcalan] is the architect of the revolution of freedom. Therefore, the patriarchal state system has imprisoned him through a plot and subjected him to an absolute isolation regime." KJK promised to tear down the walls of Imrali Island Prison "together with the women of the world."

"Enslavement of women by patriarchy"

The KJK statement continued, "The patriarchal system is on the attack to break the growing women's resistance. Sensing that it is being shaken as never before, it wants to destroy women's consciousness, will and organization, and to plunge women, and with them the entire society, into absolute slavery." In the face of this reality, women have risen up and are opposing capitalism, fascism, exploitation and racism.”

"The women's revolution is wanted to be prevented"

On the importance of the women's movement in social struggles, KJK said: "This shows us that the age in which we live is, on the one hand, the age of women's freedom, but also the basis of the increasing aggression of the patriarchal-capitalist system. The system wants to prevent the age of women. The leadership role of women is wanted to be prevented. To this end, the ruling patriarchal system is attacking at all levels."

"It's time to defend free women and society against femicide”

KJK called for a joint struggle against the Turkish state under the slogan "It's time to defend free women and society against femicide," stating, "We call on all Kurdish women to unite and resist in this campaign by participating in the organized struggle against all kinds of state patriarchal attacks."

"Our goal is not to weaken patriarchy, but to end it"

The KJK concluded by saying: "We must begin a new process in which we unite our experiences, consciousness, spirit, perspectives, forms of struggle, dynamics, dreams and goals. This awakening should strengthen the organization of women's struggle against patriarchy, colonialism, fascism, racism and capitalism worldwide, both at the level of consciousness and in the field of action. What we need is a new awakening that will give great momentum to our struggle. This awakening should not focus solely on coordinating women's struggles. Rather, a new system of women is needed. The struggle for women's freedom can only overcome the patriarchal system if it is based on an independent and autonomous model, both ideologically and organizationally. This is what the women's revolution means. Our goal is not to weaken the patriarchal system. It's time to end it. It's time for women, for revolution, for freedom!"