KJK calls on women to raise struggle on Öcalan's birthday

KJK called on Kurds and democratic forces to raise their struggle to break the isolation and bring down fascism on 4 April.

The Kurdistan Women’s Communities (KJK) Coordination issued a written statement to mark the birthday of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, on 4 April. 

The statement said: "Happy birthday to our Leader. His birthday means the birth of free life,  women and humanity! It means the birth of all women, the birth of peoples.

The birth of Leader Apo is the rebirth and existence of the Kurdish people. The birth of Leader Apo combined Kurdish values ​​with contemporary democratic values, making the Kurdish people the most fundamental democratic ancient and freedom force in the Middle East.

The birth of Leader Apo has also embraced humanity and civilization for thousands of years, and has embraced all the values ​​of the Middle East. It means rebirth through all this. The birth of Leader Apo has been the rebirth of free woman, the leading force of social life. Leader Apo has acted with responsibility for these social values ​​and public reality throughout his whole life, and has dedicated every moment of his life to the establishment of a democratic society and societies. He lives like this. At present, mankind is faced with a great danger: the main cure for the coronavirus is the democratic ecological women-oriented socialist paradigm imagined by Leader Apo."

The statement added: "Leader Apo offers this model of freedom to all humanity. This is the only way out of the crisis of capitalist modernity. Again, justice that covers everyone and equality measures for prisoners should be taken as basis. We demand to release all political prisoners beginning with Leader Apo. All peoples and relevant international organizations should act on this basis to ensure the freedom of Leader Apo." 

The statement continued reminding the "international conspiracy against Önder Apo" in 1998. "Against this conspiracy, Kurdish youth, women, the elderly, the Kurdish people as a whole have set up a circle of fire around Leader Apo, saying, 'You cannot Darken our Sun'. Hundreds of Kurdish people have sacrificed themselves for Önder Apo. Today, thousands are ready to sacrifice themselves in order to break the isolation of Leader Apo and bring down the AKP-MHP fascism. As women, we renew once again the promise that we will be act with spirit of sacrifice in order to develop a free life to fulfill our gratitude debt to Leader Apo."

The statement ended by calling on Kurds and democratic forces to "raise their struggle to break the isolation and bring down fascism on 4 April."