KJC: Young women exposed to patriarchal terror

"As a movement of young women, we oppose demonstrative masculinity, attacks, terror and fascism and say: No!", says the KJC and invites young women all over the world to "become part of this dance of freedom".

The Coordination of the Communities of Young Women (Komalên Jinên Ciwan, KJC) has issued a written declaration on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25. The KJC states in the declaration that the murder of the Mirabal sisters on November 25, 1960, in the Dominican Republic was a signal to all women: "If you create a political identity for yourself, raise your voice, if you fight, you will find such an end.”

The statement goes on to say: "Today attempts are being made to subject women to the same kind of patriarchal terror. Young women are most affected by this terror policy. Especially in Kurdistan, all forms of psychological warfare are used to crush young women. Various forms of violence against young women are tested and spread in society. This violence manifests itself in feminicide, abuse of minors, sexual assault and rape. It manifests itself in harassment by the police and military, in spying and arrests. It manifests itself in disappearances, forced marriages of minors, recourse to idealized ideas of marriage and family, or in women being deprived of their social achievements.

Call to all young women to fight against patriarchy

"Just as in the history with the murder of the Mirabal sisters, an attempt was made to push women back again, the same signal is to be sent today with the murders of women like Leyla Agirî, Ipek Er, Gülistan Doku and Hevrîn Xelef. As a movement of young women, we oppose these demonstrations of masculinity, these attacks, terror and fascism and say no. We call on all young women in Kurdistan and abroad to join our 'No' on November 25 and to fight against the patriarchy.”

Struggle through self-defense

"Just as all women are targets of male terror, regardless of their mother tongue, religion, origin, age, or political views, so we young women too must unite in a common front to destroy the male mentality. Therefore, on November 25th, the schoolgirls, the workers, the housewives and the unemployed must flock to the streets and squares. All socialist, democratic, revolutionary, feminist and young women's organizations must be shoulder to shoulder on the streets and say "no" to patriarchal fascism. Our self-defense must corner patriarchy. Following the call of the KJK for November 25, we, as the front of young women, must also become active on that day,” reads the statement.

Become part of the dance of freedom

The KJC emphasizes that despite all the attacks and attempts to restrict young women in all areas of life, their cries can be heard ever louder around the world: "Our ideology of women's liberation developed under the leadership of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has created the possibility of a different life for all oppressed and exploited young women. The women fighters in the mountains and in the cities are the pioneers of this struggle.

Therefore, our message to all the young women who take their stand on the streets on November 25, but also to all those who say that another life is not possible, is that this other life is created under the leadership of the women in the mountains of Kurdistan. We invite all women to become part of this dance of freedom, to break away from all institutions of the state of men and to give a last blow to the fascism of men. We say once again 'No' to men's fascism and we will build a free future with our struggle by defending women and society.”