KJAR proposal for women in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan

A declaration containing proposals and suggestions on various issues concerning women has been presented by the East Kurdistan Free Women's Society.

The East Kurdistan Free Women's Society (KJAR) has issued a declaration for a solution for Iran and Eastern Kurdistan women.

The KJAR declaration states that the key to solving all problems is through women's freedom. 

"The people's problem can not be solved without the resolution of the women issue”, said the declaration.

The document first analyses the current situation of women in Iran. 

Drawing attention on issues such as the political and economic situation of women as well as the social pressures on them, the situation in prisons, marriages in childhood the declaration then present solution proposals to the various issues. 

Above all, KJAR called for the constitution to be amended in accordance with human rights. 

Likewise the document advocated for a society free from sexist, religious, nationalist and unilateral mentality. It said that this can be achieved if it is based on the internal dynamics of democratization and the struggle of women and peoples.

KJAR also stated that it is a basic humanity duty to remove death penalty and stressed that women should enjoy the freedom to dress as they please. 

Full text of the declaration by KJAR reads as follows;

"The East Kurdistan Free Women Society’s project for solving the women’s question in East-Kurdistan and Iran.

The key solution for all questions is the solution for the women question. Without solving of the woman’s question, the humanity will never achieve its natural position.

In this time the authoritarian systems have reached a level of dead end that they are not able to survive, not even able to fulfill the demands of the society. Therefore for their own survival they try to weaken the society’s resistant force and that’s why they fall in a regressive situation. IRI is also not an exception and in all political, juridical, economical, educational, health and welfare has reached the top of an acute crisis and based on its nature, it insists on not making fundamental changes and solutions in line with the wishes and demands of the people and society. In such a system, not only questions and problems will not be solved, but hunger and poverty will spread to a widespread range in the society with a diminishing chance for a democratic and free life. This is the reaction of the Iranian regime. Iran has a cultural and social richness, and it could succeed to create a vibrant democratic life and collective participation of all social mosaics, but in a deadly way this contrary identity has been turned into an instrument to making crisis’.

A system that has no goal in solving social problems, will be depreciated and will finally collapse. The system of Velayat-e faqih in Iran, by ignoring the internal social constraints, in one hand takes an occasional defensive and sometimes invasive stand against foreign forces and thus aims to survive. The Islamic Republic has always been trying to ignore internal crises, but even on a high cost, letting itself get seen at a huge regional and global level of power and influence. By striking a balance with foreign forces, it attempts to provide domestic violence and repression. The social, economic, cultural and environmental damages in Iran have reached the brink of crisis as unemployment, poverty, addiction, prostitution, suicide, sexual exploitation and gender discrimination, and dozens of other issues are rising which is a proof of this claim. It has now become proven that discrimination against women is the foundation of all social issues. Women are the first victims of the discriminatory and gender-based policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and all forms of injustice and undercover violence under the name of religion, tradition, and custom, and thereby the mobility of society is eliminated. Where women are present, it will not be easy to ignore the freedom. Freedom is the essence of inner natural force that will withstand every attempt purging it from human’s natural being, and history has been witnessing many uprisings and rebellion for freedom. Today women and, consequently, the whole society has been purposeful in the same direction, and depending on possibilities and current data, less social groups relinquish their freedom.

Authorities who do not seek a solution for women's or social issues, or do not show such intentions, will not have the integral ability to manage the community. Superficial reforms are not able to get the system pass from this stage and a prerequisite for achieving the fundamental changes requires fundamental changes in the mindset and rational logic that will lead to moral and behavioral changes and development in the legal system, and then livelihood issues will somehow be solved. It is necessary to pursue historical approaches to solve deeper issues such as class, gender, and religion issues. The system in Iran not only does not show such a function, but it is also incapable of solving the main problem of society which is women’s issue, and it is incapable of seeing the fact that women are the key to solving problems, and releasing from the crisis; in this matter, reproduction of the problem without understanding it.

Women who has been the source of life through the entire history are considered as futile in the present Iranian system and are not allowed to express themselves in the human, social, and economic spheres; which has become more prominent in the last two years. As foreign pressures have increased, the regime should wisely allow women to express themselves. Women as developers and protagonists of social ethics in fact are the main implementers of the democratic society. The culture of the mother/woman, which is the creator of the moral community, conducts an important role in recognizing diversity and co-existence in promoting social morals and thus enabling conceptual and practical development. In such a democratic atmosphere, there is a balance between the individual and the community and the problems of the individual and society could be resolved in a sensible manner. If women are brought down from a lofty position and become enclosed as a sex-object in limited circle of life and social presence, and placed in the pillars of patriarchal mentality and consumerist ideology, they will provide a sufficient foundation for the emergence of multiple crises. The domineering system, instead of dealing with the roots of the crisis’, in its mindset superficial reformations will mend the fundamental basements. In current times, we are facing such an encounter in Iran; double oppression on women has provided the basis for greater social repressions, and it increasingly brings the community out of control.

In current time, Sigheh has become a official justification for legal prostitution, and marriage at a young age has become a social stigma as a major volition of human rights. Women are not able to determine on their own fate due to current laws, and through underaged marriage, young girls are deprived of the true life by an unfair patriarchy, and lose virtually their dignity and social life. The society thus becomes a a community of defunct walking individuals, and we again witness how does a misleading attitude to women cause moral degradation. The patriarchal attitude, which all political, governmental and legal laws are in their best interests, make life difficult for women and imposing all kinds of physical and psychological violence such as harassment, rape, humiliation on women, and denying them having a free life. In such a social and political regime, the right to life belongs to men and the men's fingerprints has been carved on in all conceptual and practical spheres. Men are the government, the law, de jure and the attendant. In any case, women deprived from having any defensive mechanisms, and in this cowardly game women become victims as they are is lacking any kind of legal security, and sometimes women turning to suicide and even the most horrible way of it, self-incineration as the consequences of reaching in the impasse caused by this double oppression.

The Iranian regime has always been scared of the cohesion and convergence of women seeking freedom, struggle and resistance, and along with cruel laws, the countless daily acts have been carried out prevention of such coherence, and on the one hand, they have suppressed women, and on the other hand, tried to organize mercenaries among women. The goal of this policy is to alienate women from their nature and reality, and to persuade women by resort to violence against women, and thus seek to diminish women's presence, and deeper reformation of important areas based on patriarchal demands. By imposing compulsory veil, they legitimize any interference in the women’s private sphere and private affairs, and its original purpose is not only to cover a part of society but also to block their thoughts and mindset in order to weaken their social participation and action.

As a result of the functions by administrative system of this oppressive system, there are now hundreds and thousands of female prisoners who have been imprisoned for various political, civil and legal grounds, are deprived of their human rights and their health as their lives are in serious danger. Hundreds of children, along with their mothers, have been placed in the prison and imposed to injustice and have been banned from basic human rights. In a society where we are witnessing such acts, it is meaningless to think that the humanity, the republic, the governing does exist! The use of these terms is solely in the direction of demagogy and is legitimate for the continuation of the ruling system. A regime that considers any political act to be a crime, and execution is used as an easy tool to rule over the community, its administrative system is neither humanitarian administration nor a republic. The torture of women such as Zeinab Jalalian, Narges Mohammadi, Athena Daimmi and Golrokh Irani and other female political prisoners have symbols of the imprisonment of entire female community in the society, and can not indicate the existence of a humanitarian system.

The East Kurdistan Free Women Society believes that rotting the issues of political, social, legal, economic, women's education and employment is their duty as well as presenting a solution consistent with the historical and contemporary reality. Freedom of the community depends on the freedom of women and the adoption of a solution to the issues of women in Iran and the East-Kurdistan is a task for all female fighters. Freedom is not capable with the system of consumerism and its fictitious appearances, not in some of the transitional and superficial changes, but the issue of women's freedom is deeply rooted, and it requires a deepening in solution consciousness. The East Kurdistan Free Women Society is an organization that has lined up for the democratic resolution of women's issues and has committed to the freedom of women and society and changes in the rooted combat system. That's why we are aware of the urge of resolutions based on the methods to solve the issues.

Women are the first creators of a free, fair, equitable society, as they are aware of the imbalance of the social system by the mentality of their patriarchy and its authority. Women have never granted and will never accept to organize the society based on authority-oriented conditions of social relationships. Women have nonstop seeking for fair, equal and free social conditions, and have attempted to commit it to the whole society. Ethics as an awareness of justice and freedom of the community, and social conscience and democracy as a method to free the society, which provides a coexistence basement for all diversities in society, establishes order and coherence, the ability of action and decision-making, which does not give its real meaning without the presence of women. Could achieving a common wisdom policy and a struggle for liberation, and a fair policy making, be possible without accompaniment from a large part of society, ie women? Can democratic politics get founded without women who are the real symbol of freedom? The twenty-first century, from this point of view, is a century of rising women's demands and a century of women's freedom. In spite of intensifying and universalizing the pressures and violence against women, their struggles have crossed the borders and become global. Women created great awareness with their struggles and proved that democratic society, a moral and political community, without women's freedom, could not even be conceived.

In Iran, women are increasingly promoting their struggles in order to create a free, equal and democratic society, and by utilizing their revolutionary heritage, they claim their demands in several ways. Kurdish women with years experience in struggling for liberty and have enlightened the path of women's freedom struggle in the Middle East. It has been proven that the women's liberation struggles will lead to democracy and freedom throughout Iran. Protest and struggle over the past year have proven more than ever. The ruling regime must also recognize that instead of taking refuge in diplomatic affairs and resorting to foreign forces, they could rely on domestic and courageous potentials to correct their attitude and mentality in dealing with libertarians, can provide a path for solving the problems of society, and a new horizon in direction of democratization. In this regard, we present our solutions to the following:

1. First of all, the constitution needs to get regulated based on the social conscience and the basic rights of humans, and be free from gender-based, religious, nationalistic, and maverick laws. The rights of women, ethnicities and different believers in the democratic must be clearly considered in the laws.

2.  All positions at the government must be equally distributed between genders; the "joint presidency" system can be beginning to eliminate all gender discrimination!

3. One of the main reasons for the economic crisis in Iran is the lack of women in this area. With the affiliation of women to men has caused an army of unemployed women, and half of the potential of the community is thus wasted. The society exit from the crisis depends closely and directly to the presence of women in all economic institutions. Women should be allowed to get actively engaged in economic affairs and achieve their economic independence unconditionally, and this should be guaranteed through legislation.

4. In order to revive society and freedom of the individual, the enshrining of collective and individual rights is a fundamental condition. In order to strike a balance between society and the individual, the social and individual freedom of women must be uninterrupted. It is indisputable to legislate in this framework for a radical outbreak of crises.

5. The structure of community is based on diversities, therefore in addition to equal rights, also equality and respect for the diversities of the society is strongly required. In fact equality is the freedom living with own nature, distinctness and continuity for all social entities; the social inequalities are originated from inequality in women's rights. Therefore, without a transition from a gender-orientated mindset and the revival of women's liberty, one can not achieve a true social equality. The rules of social equality must be based on the focus of women and gender freedoms.

6. Due to the lack of freedom for women’s presence in the general public and restrictions to their participation in artistic and sporting activities, their talents and artistic abilities have not been revealed. Therefore, in order to express the existence of women freely, they must be allowed to use all the opportunities and potential for their presence in all areas of sport and art, and get the prohibitions and restrictions fundamentally abolished.

7. The abolition of marriage law for underaged girls is an urgent demand. In addition, Sigheh and all marriages of this kind should be eliminated, and the legal security of women should be ensured. These laws and practices that go beyond the will of women, have their own negative physical and psychological side effects, and they deteriorate their dignity and destroy their mental health, and ultimately lead to a downfall in social morality.

8. The inhuman punishment of executions should be eliminated without any preconditions, and the circumstances in the prisons needs to get improved and legal security, health and education must be provided, and every woman must granted the right to self-defense in all circumstances.

9. Iran is society with identity and cultural diversities. No gender, language, notion and ethnicity has superiority beyond the other, and no identity should be eradicated under the pressure of cultural degeneration. The rules should protect the mother tongue and the original culture of the people.

10. All of the articles mentioned above are demands for democratic rights. The East Kurdistan Free Women Society is trying to solve problems democratically. Women have rights to self-defense in the absence of democratic solutions and if women get exposed to immoral practices, in contrast to the insistence of the regime not to change.

11. Every woman has the right to freely choose her own clothing. Freely participating in all sports, arts, social and tourism activities is the natural right of women.

12. Organizing is the cornerstone of liberty and is undeniable to women, so women have the right to turn their dream of empowerment and solidarity and organized struggle to a reality.

Fighting against injustice is a legitimate struggle. One of the main tasks of The The East Kurdistan Free Women Society is promoting the ideological, political, economic, and social policies and creating awareness of self-defense in all incursion against women in society. The articles we mentioned above are solutions to address the fundamental rights and freedoms of women.

Undoubtedly, there is a need for widespread struggle to guarantee freedom. Therefore, women have a lot of responsibilities. Kurdish, Arab, Azeri, and Persian women should get united and women in the institutions and organizations should actively consciously work in this direction. It should be noted that fighting for freedom will not be without costs and will require much dedication and support. Those who do not struggle in and organized manner,  will not be able to succeed and indelible victory. Women have the power to break up domineering systems, they just need to trust each other and get organized. The East Kurdistan Free Women Society believes that the potential of women in Iran and the East Kurdistan and their alliance is enough to make big changes in Iran. By relying on this force and by safeguarding the heritage of women's historical struggles, women will upgrade their level of struggle and will never give up freedom and equality.

Free woman is a woman who is organized! Long live the organization of women!

Everything for a woman, for life, for freedom!

Long live the resistance of women against domination!"