KJAR launches campaign 'Time to Defend Women's Revolution'

KJAR said that the protests in Rojhilat (Iranian Kurdistan) and Iran are a "declaration of the freedom revolution," and launched the campaign "Time to Defend Women's Revolution".

The East Kurdistan Women's Community (Civaka Jinên Rojhelatî Kurdistan-KJAR) released a statement concerning the protests that started after Mahsa (Jîna) Amini was murdered by the "morality police" in Iran and spread all over the world. Designating the protests as a "declaration of the freedom revolution", the KJAR has launched the campaign titled "Time to Defend Women's Revolution (Dema parastina soreşa jinê)".


The statement remarked that women have secured the freedom of humanity with their struggle in the 21st century and the anger and hatred of women against the occupying regime have become a cry for freedom. “With the motto "Jin jiyan azadi" (Woman, Life, Freedom), Jina has become the unity of the peoples. With their struggle, women have shown that there can be no life without women. Embracing Jîna Aminî has entered a new phase in Rojhilat and the whole of Iran,” the statement said.

“The Iranian regime has systematically targeted the existence of women. It has attempted to take down society by enslaving women. However, pro- freedom women and peoples have struggled and paid a huge price. They have not surrendered to the corrupted system. They have preserved the spirit of freedom. Today, this spirit has become the peoples' revolution,” the statement added.


The statement pointed out that the peoples' revolution was being realized thanks to women. “They show the courage to lead the struggle. The freedom of peoples becomes united with the freedom of women. Women's freedom is the key to the resolution of all problems. Today, the unity of peoples and support of men in demonstrations reflect a change in mentality. They favour a paradigm in which all peoples can live together with their faith, class and nation. This is what we call ‘Democratic Confederalism’. This dream of the peoples is coming true thanks to the Women's Revolution.”


“The Rojava Revolution led by Kurdish women and the paradigm of freedom in Syria have inspired all women in the world. Women in Rojhilat and Iran are also inspired by this paradigm. Therefore, we say that it is 'Time to Defend the Women's Revolution'. It's time to protect women's existence, identity and freedom. Let's expand the struggle and take care of our revolution. Every woman, every member of society should take part in this revolution and fight for freedom,” the statement underlined.

“All women have the same problems. It is necessary to expand the struggle around the slogan 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi'. Let's be one voice. Women's struggle and demands have abolished all borders. Kurdistan is a place to promote freedom against male oppression. Ahwaz, Baluchistan, Loristan, Azerbaijan and all Rojhilat Kurdistan and Iran have become one voice. Every individual with a conscience should reject the invading system and join the line of resistance. Let's organize ourselves strongly and raise the struggle under one umbrella. Let's secure the demands of Jîna with the freedom of all women. Without organisation, no power can achieve victory, so we exist as long as we remain organized,” KJAR said.


“Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan has always attached importance to the struggle, organization and protection of women in his 50-year struggle. He made women's freedom the foundation of all freedoms. Therefore, women have currently organized themselves with the slogan of "Jin jiyan azadi" and formed unity around Öcalan's ideas. Once again, women in Kurdistan and abroad have chanted the slogan "Jin jiyan azadi" and made it clear that the Imrali system would be crushed. As an organized women's movement, the KJAR considers itself as responsible for organizing, uniting and protecting women. By establishing the Democratic Confederalism system, we embrace women's resistance and struggle.

We are fighting for the freedom of women and peoples by expanding the organization based on women’s solidarity in all areas of life. Hence, we are launching the campaign 'Time to Defend Women's Revolution'. Under the slogan 'Jin jiyan azadi', women have declared the freedom revolution and they are paying the price with their lives. As the KJAR, we consider it our primary duty to announce the campaign to protect the women's revolution with the points mentioned above. On this basis, we will spread the struggle to all houses, streets and squares. Also, we call on women who advocate freedom in the Middle East and the world to raise the struggle and to protect the revolution of women and peoples.”