KJAR Congress: We will respond to the hopes and demands of women in East Kurdistan and Iran

The East Kurdistan Free Women's Community (KJAR) held its fourth congress and announced that "as a pioneering women's movement, we will respond to the hopes and demands of women in East Kurdistan and Iran."


The East Kurdistan Women's Community (KJAR) held its 4th Congress between 7-9 May with the participation of delegates from all areas of Kurdistan. At the congress, six main agendas were discussed in detail, including the situation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ [Woman, Life, Freedom] Revolution, the organisation of committees, the level of women's self-defence in Rojhilat and Iran. In addition, 2-year decisions and plans were made, and the election of the KJAR board of directors consisting of 15 members was held. 

Announcing the final declaration of the congress, KJAR stated that the congress was dedicated to Shirin Elemhuli, one of the pioneers of the women's liberation struggle who was executed on 9 May 2010, and all the martyrs.

It was stated that delegates from all fields of work participated in the congress held in the mountains of East Kurdistan with the slogan "To achieve the success of ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ Revolution is to secure women's freedom and democratic society."

The congress was dedicated to the martyrs of freedom and democracy in the persons of martyrs Aryen Arê, Şilan Banê and martyr Rûken and to the martyrs of the 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadî' revolution.

In the final declaration, it was stated that the women's revolution is advancing with all its majesty and that the congress was held with the hope, will and determination to bring the 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' revolution to victory in Iran and East Kurdistan.

In the congress, where the shortcomings experienced in building a free life and democratic society were also strongly evaluated, the Executive Committee of 15 people was elected after the discussions.

In the congress where the invasion attacks, male-dominated systems and the attacks against the existence of women in Iran were discussed, it was determined that women are the pioneers of social revolutions in the 21st century with their struggles.

The congress emphasised that women all over the world are inspired by each other's struggles, and that the struggle of Kurdish women in the 21st century is a source of inspiration for freedom struggles.

At the congress, it was stated that the struggle has become globalised with the 'Jin jiyan azadî' manifesto, and that KJAR will carry out the freedom struggle at the highest level on the basis of strong solidarity with all libertarian women.

"KJAR considers itself responsible for organising and protecting all women in Iran," the final declaration said.

Decisions and findings

The decisions and findings of the final declaration are summarised as follows:

Abdullah Öcalan's Freedom: The main topic of the congress was the struggle for the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The global importance of Abdullah Öcalan's ideas was emphasised and it was stated that his freedom would open the door to the solution of the problems of the peoples of the Middle East: "Our congress has shown with its claims that the struggle for the physical freedom of Leader Apo will be the source of all our work. As the women's liberation movement KJAR, our struggle for the freedom of Leader Öcalan at the level of East Kurdistan and Iran will be carried out in the most radical way."

Unity of Women and Peoples: The congress emphasised that the success of the revolution would be possible through the unity and common struggle of women and peoples. KJAR set as its main goal a common struggle to strengthen women's solidarity in East Kurdistan and Iran and to bring together women of different ethnic groups.

Resistance in Prisons: It was stated that prisons are areas of intervention of totalitarian regimes, but they are also areas of resistance. It was emphasised that women in resistance have become the pioneers of the struggle for freedom and democracy in prisons. "In this context, our struggle will continue uninterruptedly all over the region and the world.”

Memory of Martyrs: The values created by the martyrs of the liberation revolution were highlighted and it was stated that it is a revolutionary duty to follow the goals of the martyrs. The importance of bringing martyrs' families together and organising them was emphasised.

Women's Science, Jineology: At the congress, it was stated that the "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" revolution developed on the basis of women's science. It was stated that the Jineology committee will assume the role of educating all women in the women's academy in the new period of struggle.

Self-Defence: It was stated that self-organisation and self-defence are the basic conditions of struggle. It was noted that the HPJ, as a women's defence force, is building defence science in East Kurdistan and Iran and will increase its defence capacity when necessary.

Protection of Nature: The protection of nature was defined as the struggle to protect the existence of women and society. The determination to protect nature and fight against invaders was highlighted.

The Role of Young Women: It was stated that young women are the most radical force against the male-dominated state. It was emphasised that young women contribute to all segments of society with their radical struggles and that no power can prevent the power of youth. In this framework, the Young Women's Union of East Kurdistan (YJCR) aims to reach all young women of East Kurdistan and Iran through organisation and defence.

Future Goals: KJAR announced that it will put into practice the decisions taken at the fourth congress with a broad organisation and radical struggle. KJAR emphasised that as a pioneering women's movement, they will respond to the hopes and demands of women in East Kurdistan and Iran.