KBDH: Women must become the leading force in the anti-fascist struggle

The leftist women's guerrilla alliance KBDH said on March 8: "Women must unite against any attack of fascism and organize common resistance against the oppression of all gender identities."

The United Revolutionary Movement of Women (KBDH) has released a statement marking the International Women's Struggle Day March 8. KBDH criticizes societal sexism, saying, "The capitalism, patriarchy and heterosexism trio is used as a means of complete domination of women. It is against this that women have risen up. The contradiction of class and gender has become a structural crisis of capitalism that has the potential to profoundly shake capitalism and patriarchy. It is against the backdrop of this reality that we approach March 8, a day of current and historical significance. Women and oppressed sexual identities are expanding and deepening their struggle against capitalism through the line of collective subjectification.

"Women are waging a war of liberation"

The women's movement is fighting against the essence of patriarchy and its vanguard in our region, the fascism of the AKP/MHP. Women are waging a war for freedom and equality. Gender awareness has reached a high level. This represents a very important success for the women's movement. But not only that, our movement is gaining the ability to fight back attacks through the political conflicts that are coming to the agenda due to the exploitation of the female body and their labor.

"Destruction, murder, occupation, impoverishment and annihilation will not save them"

The fascist AKP/MHP dictatorship has long since lost its ability to generate social approval. The regime no longer has any room for maneuver, either economically or politically. All it has left is a form of politics based on violence. Destruction, murder, occupation, impoverishment and annihilation - that is its only path. But even this way will not save the fascist dictatorship. The regime could not force the women to obey, it could not break the resistance of Boğaziçi University, it could not force the HDP into line, it could not stop the actions of the militias and guerrillas in the cities and in the mountains and it could not declare a victory in Gare.

The regime had to retreat from an attack position to a defense position. Of course, new attacks are already being prepared. We have no doubt that the attackers target women and the achievements of the women's freedom struggle.

"Effective anti-fascist struggle necessary"

The consistent struggle against fascism must include the fight against patriarchy and heterosexism. And also vice versa, the struggle against patriarchy will not be able to advance without effective anti-fascist struggle.

The women who defend themselves against male violence by all necessary means, the young women who fight against sexist education in the universities, the academics who do not slacken in the struggle for enlightenment, the women who strike in the factories and workshops for a decent life and safety at work, all of them must unite in resistance. The women in the villages who defend their land and nature must unite their strength with those who insist on a free life in prison and thus strengthen each other.

The resistance against the annulment of the Istanbul Convention and the resistance against the attacks on the co-presidency model must complement each other. The struggle against sexual violence and assault must unite with the struggle against the bombing of the mountains of Kurdistan and the struggle against the appointment of trustees to the municipalities. The femicides and the mutilation of the bodies of fallen female guerrilla fighters must be answered with the same revolutionary violence.

"Women and all the oppressed, unite!"

We women must organize together with all oppressed gender identities and together resist the attacks of fascism. Fascism is directed against all the oppressed, we must manage to become the leading force in the anti-fascist popular resistance.

"We are the heirs of Rojava and Stalingrad"

We, as KBDH, consider ourselves the heirs of the women who participated in the armed struggle against fascism in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Stalingrad and Rojava, and we congratulate all our sisters on March 8, knowing that we are on the front lines in the common struggle of the LGBTI+ and all the oppressed.

We stand in the struggle against patriarchy, racism, chauvinism and colonialism on the barricades, in the streets, in our positions in the mountains and in the cities. We were, are and will be. We will tear down fascism."