KBDH salutes the "Las Tesis" movement

The Women's United Revolutionary Movement has published a statement greeting the global feminist movement "Las Tesis".

In a written statement, the armed Women's United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH) expressed their solidarity with the global "Las Tesis" movement.

"We live in a time when the common struggle of women is no longer a utopia but clearly reflected in reality. Patriarchy can no longer restrict us to certain areas, we carry the resistance to the streets, to the frontlines and to the barricades", the KBDH emphasised.

The statement continues: "Every heart that takes to the streets, every slogan against patriarchy, every banner, every bullet shot is an expression of the common struggle of women; whether at home, on the streets, in the factories, in the prisons, at the frontlines or in the liberated areas.

Today, our comrades express their resistance by dancing in the streets in another form of rebellion, and we, as the women's organizations under the KBDH, emphasise that the song you sing accompanies every bullet that we fire at the enemy. We accompany your dance against patriarchy with our dance for victory.

We welcome the action started by the #LasTesis collective in Chile against the increasing murders and rapes. We are women who know these patriarchal cruelties well. We have seen the naked body of the Ekin Wan displayed by soldiers. We have seen the body of Avesta Renas, mutilated by the gangs of the Turkish state, and we cannot forget the image of Mother Taybet, whose dead body was left lying on the street for days. We know the Saturday Mothers who have been demanding accountability for their children for years with unwavering hope and perseverance, and countless other examples such as that of LGBTI activist Hande Kader, who was burned alive.

The KBDH addressed the system of trustees and described the deposition of the co-mayors and their imprisonment as a direct attack on the achievements of the women's movement. Remarking that the invasion of Rojava is an equally direct attack, KBDH said; "Here the country where the women's revolution is taking place is being occupied. Women are taken captive and tortured to death. The gangs assembled from the remains of the ISIS showed who they are with the murder of Hevrîn Xelef recorded on video.

The KBDH emphasized: "We draw our strength from the struggles from Chile to Bolivia, from Iran to Turkey, from Kurdistan to India, and we will continue to confront the patriarchal, capitalist system with our dances, our slogans, our solidarity and our weapons.”