KBDH: Millions of women united in Mirabel sisterhood today

Releasing a press on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, KBDH said, “The Mirabel sisters were killed in the struggle against fascism. But today millions of women are united in the Mirabel sisterhood”.

In a written statement marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Women's United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH) said the following:

“The crisis of capitalism continues to deepen in an irreversible way. Poverty and unemployment has become chronic in every country. Wars of plunder dislocate women, men, young people, and children. Human beings perish on the roads. Ecological destruction cannot be stopped. Man and nature all become a part of commodities. Gender conflict combined with the labor-capital conflict is growing. This is part of the truth! Capitalism is rotting.

These decaying aspects of capitalism also determine the character of the states. As the political subjects of capitalism almost all over the world, states either reinforce their laws through fascist policies or become simply fascist. They cannot find a solution to the crisis and the decay of capitalism. The fascist Turkish state is one of them. It also reinforced its fascist character as a one-man dictatorship. However, no matter what they do, it is in vain! .. Recently Albayrak fell, tomorrow the fascist power of the AKP-MHP will be destroyed!

The women's liberation struggle has the potential to play decisive, pioneering, leading roles in an anti-fascist, anti-colonial gender egalitarian revolutionary solution of this crisis. Women do not swear any allegiance, do not suppress their voices, do not give their consent, they protest, and engage in rebellion in the face of attacks that have reached the level of slaughter. They take action against male state violence. Women are on the road from defeat to victory.

The Mirabel sisters were murdered in the fight against fascism. But today millions of women are united in the Mirabel sisterhood. You can kill the Mirabels but you cannot prevent the victory of the women's liberation struggle over male domination.

November 25 is an important moment in our lands and in the world in the struggle against violence against women. Let's turn today into a meas to break the male-dominated capitalist chain from its Turkey and Kurdistan ring. We have a significant armed struggle experience and know-how, a determined line of de facto legitimate struggle, experience of uprising, and more, the Rojava women's revolution. A women's movement that might lean on this dynamic in order to attack fascism from all sides cannot be stopped.

As the Women's United Revolutionary Movement, we once again greet all the women who will ignite the fire of rebellion wherever they will be on November 25. We are there wherever women are. The patriarchal, male-dominated fascist government and its police, military, judiciary and media are all enemies of women. It should be known that everyone and every institution that bear hostility toward us is our enemy, too. You will not be able to get over the rebellion of women who stand against your bombs, bullets, knifes, sticks, in your barricades with slogans. If one of our companions is touched, it means hands are raised for all of us. We will ask for account and will never forgive!”