Jinwar, the centre of communal life

Rûken Rojda, a member of the Jineology Academy, said that the communal system is implemented in the village of Jinwar, the women’s village.

Jinwar, the women’s village, was established under war conditions. Rûken Rojda, a member of the Jineology Academy, said: "Women proved that they can lead in every field of life with the Rojava Revolution."

Rûken Rojda said that many people come to visit Jinwar village because they are curious. She added that visitors are astonished when they come in contact with such a village in a besieged country.

The Rojava Revolution is known as a women's revolution and the achievements of women are easy to see. With the revolution, women came to the fore in political, military, economic, cultural, artistic and all areas of life. The establishment of Jinwar village was one of the gains of the Rojava Revolution. As the name suggests, it is a village where women live, earn their living and receive education. The women living in Jinwar once again proved to the whole world how strong-willed they are.

Rûken Rojda said that Jinwar was founded with the Rojava Revolution and added: "Women and children suffer the most in the war. With the Rojava Revolution, the role of women in the institutions built with the Democratic Autonomy system became more prominent. A women's village was created to take more place in these institutions and organizations. How the village will be established and the purpose of the village were discussed in 2017 and agreed upon by all organizations in Northern and Eastern Syria. Every woman working in the institutions took part in the establishment of the village. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, 25 November 2017, the village of Jinwar was opened."

Medicines from plants

Providing information about the system implemented in the village of Jinwar, Jineology Academy member Rojda said: "A communal system is implemented in the village. There are councils in the village. A meeting is held every 15 days to discuss how to further develop the village and for the maintenance of our livelihood. Here, besides the education system for women and children, there is also an Education Academy. Kurdish, Arab and international women take their place in every field. Because the village of Jinwar is for women from all over the world. There are places where daily needs such as bakeries and shops are met. Women earn their living by working in agriculture and animal husbandry. Şifa Jin Hospital treats many diseases with natural remedies made from herbs."

Rûken Rojda said that many people came to visit the village of Jinwar because they were curious. She said that the visitors were astonished at the establishment of such a village in a besieged country. She said that the village is a revolution in itself.

Pointing out that knowledgeable and libertarian women are feared everywhere, Rojda said that Jinwar is the second women's village in the world. Noting that the first women's village was established in Africa, Rojda said: "Everyone who visits our village is working on behalf of Jinwar from outside. Because women have proven that they can lead in all areas of life and stand up for their rights with the Rojava Revolution. Therefore, although there are different attacks by the ruling powers, they will not be able to achieve their goals against the will of women."