Jalaliyan: I will continue on my path

Imprisoned Kurdish woman Zeinab Jalaliyan wrote a letter on the Iranian state refusing her treatment and said, “On my own I am stronger than all of you. And I will continue on my path.

Revolutionary Kurdish woman Zeinab Jalaliyan who has been imprisoned in Iran for the last 11 years said she has had to battle several illnesses during this time.

“First I had issues with my eyes. Then my kidneys started acting up and I had hypertension. Then I started to get cavities in my teeth. For the last 3 months, I have been demanding to go to a hospital. But the prison officials are doing nothing. As a political prisoner, I am being deprived of all my rights,” said Jalaliyan and stated that the Iranian government’s policies are fraudulent and hypocritical.

Jalaliyan stressed that she isn’t allowed to go to the hospital. Her letter continues as follows:

“But the media writes that I have been to the hospital. This government has no humanity whatsoever. They publish photographs from 2008, they want to trick human rights organizations like that. They act like executioners out to cut off my head. What do these executioners want from me? Must those who don’t think like these executioners rot in dungeons or die? You executioners, don’t you hear the voices of people who want freedom among the dungeon walls? Don’t forget, executioners, nobody can stop the ideas of people who want freedom.

Death on the way to freedom is sweet. You are all destined to defeat. Nothing is strong enough to stop my struggle to achieve my goals. On my own I am stronger than all of you. And I will continue on my path.”