Iranian woman raped in Van barred from legal advice

The lawyers of Iranian Z.N., who was raped at the Repatriation Center in Van, filed a criminal complaint against ŞÖNİM (Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centers) officials who prevented a meeting with their client.

A refugee woman named Z.N. held in Kurubaş Repatriation Center (GGM) in Edremit district of Van was raped by security guards İ.H.K. and Y.V. and a person whose identity is still unknown. The woman who filed a criminal complaint about the incident, had the first hearing of the case held on November 22, 2020.

During the hearing held at the Van 1st Heavy Penal Court, it was revealed that Z.N. was held in the GGM for 4 months, where she was raped, and she was then sent to the Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center (ŞÖNİM) in the city.


Z.N.'s lawyers Ebru Demirtepe and Mahmut Kaçan were debarred from meeting with their client who was sent to ŞÖNİM after the hearing.

The lawyers later filed a criminal complaint with the Van Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on charges of "misconduct" and "denial of petition right" against the deputy director of ŞÖNİM and a public servant on charge.

The petition noted that the public servant did not process the petition based on the "unlawful" instruction of ŞÖNİM's deputy director.

It is reported that after the criminal complaint, an administrative investigation was initiated and the statements of the authorities will be taken.


On July 22, 2020, security guards at the Kurubaş Repatriation Center (GGM) affiliated to the Provincial Immigration Administration in Edremit district of Van, İ.H.K, Y.V. and another person whose identity remains unknown raped an Iranian woman named Z.N.

The suspects appeared before the judge at the 1st High Criminal Court of Van on November 26. During the hearing to which journalists and audience were denied access, it was revealed that Z.N. was kept in Kurubaş GGM for 4 months, where she was raped.