“I will not leave comrade Barin’s weapon on the ground”

Women and men, youth, and everyone who believes in the struggle participates in the Resistance of the Age against the Turkish state's colonial attacks on Afrin.

YPJ fighter Barin Kobanê participated in the ranks of struggle in Afrin, where the Resistance of the Age is taking place, with great belief. She promised to take on the weapon left behind by comrade Barin, and she took over the name of Barin as a sign of her promise.

YPJ fighter Barin Kobanê explained the purpose of her participation with these words: "The primary purpose of my participation is to fight for freedom and to protect my people from all invading attacks. We will never allow the Turkish state to invade an ainch of Afrin, even if only we remain as YPJ fighters. I promise that I will fight until the end on comrade Barin’s resistance line and avenge her. Comrade Barin Efrîn sacrificed her life for the protection of her land, for this reason she became a symbol of resistance for everyone. I promise my people that I will continue to struggle until I have only one drop of blood left. I call out to all women here, the period is the period of resistance, in which all women should shoulder the pioneering task in the Afrin resistance. Because the ranks of freedom are the places where truth is experienced."