HDP Women's Council launches campaign

The HDP's Women's Council is launching a month-long campaign with street actions, events and assemblies. In addition, the international exchange with women politicians and women's organisations is set to be intensified.

The Women's Council of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is launching a campaign on Monday against the attacks on the women's movement. The campaign, which is scheduled to run for one month, will include actions against labour exploitation, war, isolation, violence, child abuse, patriarchal rule, gender injustice, poverty, discrimination, racism, nationalism and hate speech.

First week: child abuse

The topic of the first week is child abuse and the related law planned in Turkey to legalize sexual abuse of minors in case of marriage between perpetrator and victim. To this end, street actions and women's assemblies are set to take place throughout the country. The issue is also on the agenda in the Turkish parliament.

Enforcement law and seizure of municipalities

In the second week, protests will take place in front of prisons and judicial buildings against the passed enforcement law, because political prisoners are excluded from it.

The theme of the third week is the seizure of Kurdish municipalities and the criminalisation of the HDP's practice of gender-majority dual leadership in all its committees.

Violence against women and suicide

The last week will be dedicated to the topic of violence against women and the rising suicide rate. In addition to street actions and events, women's meetings are planned in villages and towns.

International exchange

Furthermore, meetings with Alevi, refugee and Roma women are set to take place as part of the campaign. At the international level, the HDP Women's Council wants to strengthen contacts with women's organisations and women's parliamentarians in Europe, South America and the Middle East.