HDP deputy Uca: We are not afraid of your tanks!

The village road where TJA and HDP wanted to hold a meeting with women was closed by tanks. HDP deputy Feleknas Uca said: "We are not afraid of you nor of your tanks. We will continue to fight."

Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA – Free Women’s Movement) and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Assembly started the actions and activities to mark 25 November with a women's meeting in the village of Akuma in Batman.

HDP Batman MP Feleknas Uca, TJA activists, Batman Peace Mothers Council members, the executives of MEBYA-DER and many HDP members attended the meeting.

The delegation, which wanted to meet with the women before the press conference, was stopped by the police and gendarmerie, who blocked the village road with tanks, saying "There is a dangerous situation".

Many women and party leaders, who were kept waiting by the police, ignored the tanks and got together with the women waiting in the village square.

'We are not afraid'

HDP deputy Feleknas Uca said: “We, the women, are saying once again that we are not afraid of you nor of your tanks. We do not accept the dirty policies that you are trying to impose on us. Women will continue to hold their activities and will fight against all these oppression policies."