From Catalonia: Video in memory of comrades Jiyan Tolhildan, Roj Xabûr and Barîn Botan

Various organizations, groups and collectives of women from Catalonia condemned the attacks on the Women's Revolution and produced a video in memory of YPJ martyrs Jiyan, Roj and Barîn.

Various organizations, groups and collectives of women from Catalonia, condemned the attack on the Women's Revolution.

The Catalan women produced a video to pay tribute to YPJ martyrs Jiyan, Roj and Barîn.

The women said in a statement: "On 22 July, the fascist Turkish state, using one of its methods of war, bombed with a drone the car where the three comrades were, assassinating them and making the war situation in the areas of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria even more tense.  The three martyrs were returning from a forum commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Women's Revolution in Rojava. With these assassinations, the fear that the freedom of women generates in fascist states such as Turkey, which from the beginning has been killing them selectively, is evident. We condemn Erdogan and his accomplices. The Spanish State, ally of the Turkish State and member of NATO, is an accomplice of this war, contributing militarily and economically to the war crimes that Turkey commits today against the Kurdish population and its liberation movement."

The women continued: "The struggle for freedom and the fundamental role of women in Kurdistan has for many years illuminated other places on the planet. Other places where women and dissident identities resist the attacks of patriarchy, capitalism, racism and colonialism. 

In the face of a liberal ideology prevailing in our territories, the Rojava revolution remains that beacon of hope for the struggle against domination.   The revolutionaries of Rojava, with the heritage of the fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan, have demonstrated again and again the urgent need to build a path where women are in the front line at all levels, not only in legitimate self-defense, but also in all areas of the creation of this new world that we imagine, and that they are already putting into practice.

The comrades there, moreover, fight the fascist mentality of the States that oppress their land and their people, as well as the very idea of State, giving a living example to the women freedom fighters all over the planet, expanding the revolutionary horizon.

Kobane, and the role played by women in that tireless resistance, marked at the international level a turning point in the fight against DAESH, as well as the victory of the YPG and YPJ people's defense forces. The creation of the YPJ and their active role in Self-Defense has set an example of dignity. The inspiration of their dedication and experiences have crossed borders. Internationalist women from all over the world have also participated in the defense of the Women's Revolution in Rojava and, among other jobs, many have joined the women's defense forces, the YPJ.

We know that, thanks to comrades from the north and east of Syria, the dream of freedom is possible for every woman who defends her land and a way of life in equality.

Comrades like Jiyan Tolhildan, Roj Xabûr and Barîn Botan have made the YPJ grow and have contributed to making bigger the revolutionary project in which they lived and fought and from which so many of us are inspired."

The women said: "We are filled with rage at the loss of these three comrades, but their example encourages us to continue, and we know that each martyr makes the revolution bigger everywhere.

We accompany the pain of the Revolutionary Women of Kurdistan and we join in honoring Jiyan, Roj and Barîn. Your light and your resistance reaches our lands and, with this warmth, we also join the struggle for freedom.

In memory of heval Jiyan Tolhildan, heval Roj Xabûr and heval Barîn Botan."