Forum in Raqqa ends with a number of proposals to support Yazidi and Afghan women

Participants at the women’s forum in Raqqa ended the meeting with a number of calls and proposals to support Yazidi and Afghan women.

Women's organizations in Northern and Eastern Syria held a forum at the Sharq University Conference Hall in Raqqa with the slogan "Let's create a free life against the genocide of women".

Representatives of Women's Defense Units (YPJ), Kongra Star, Yazidi Women's Union, Jîneology, Zenûbya Women's Community, women's councils of political parties, Syrian Women's Council and civil society organizations attended the forum, which was held to support Shengal and Afghan women.

The forum addressed the issue of genocide and femicide of women in both Afghanistan and Shengal. Witness accounts of the Yazidi genocide and the determination to fight based on self-defense were also discussed at the forum.

Participants underlined that women should raise their level of education and establish a strong organization so that they can lead in the political, military and social arena. The importance of strengthening the unity of all Kurdish women, including Arab women and Yazidis, was emphasized.

The forum also welcomed the KJK initiative to support the women of Shengal and Afghanistan and stated that action must be taken to ensure the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Women’s problems need to be solved

The forum ended with the reading of the final declaration. Zozan Şemo, vice president of the Women's Assembly of the Syrian Future Party, said that the women's problem in the Middle East needs to be solved in order to solve social problems, and that it is not possible to find a solution to all existing problems without analyzing their nature and ancient history.

The final declaration reads as follows:

1- The fight against sexism, abuse and violence targeting women should be carried out. This is possible in a society where there is the establishment of a democratic family, justice and equality.

2- Women should be made aware of the special dangers of war being waged against them on social media.

3- The slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî” should be spread.

4- With the support of the international community, ISIS mercenaries should be tried in the Autonomous Administration courts and 3 August should be the day when the rights and culture of the Yazidis are recognized.

5- Women's problem is one of the unsolved problems. If a woman cannot find a real solution to the problem, other problems cannot be solved either. Mass killings are recognized all over the world, but massacres against women are not. As women's organizations and movements, we will stand up to achieve the recognition of femicides.

6- In order to ensure the security and peace of women in the Middle East and North Africa, initiatives against the occupation and massacres of women should be supported and enlarged. Crimes and massacres against women should be exposed and shared with the public.

7- Works will be carried out to protect and advance the identities of women from different cultures, religions and components.

8- The fate of all missing women should be discovered.

9- The policies of the invading Turkish state should be exposed. The Turkish state must be removed from all regions of Syria that it occupies.

10- A movement for women at the world level should be established and women's confederalism should be implemented.

11- Work will be carried out to end the isolation of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.