Fighting with Sara’s spirit will be the guarantee of a free life

Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) released a statement to commemorate three Kurdish woman revolutionaries who were killed in Paris in 2012.

The armed organization of Northern Syria’s women movement YPJ, commemorated Sakine Cansiz (Sara), Fidan Dogan (Rojbin) and Leyla Saylemez (Ronahi) who were killed by a Turkish spy five years ago in Paris.

The statement by YPJ Central Command read as follows:

“The struggle of comrade Sara will be a victory, foremost to the Kurdish women flocking to the revolutionary struggle, and for the rest of all other women and humanity. In the history of the Kurdish people, conspiracies were planned and practiced continuously by Kurdistan's colonists. This truth has come out once again in the 20th century, on Leader Apo, the pioneer of Democratic Confederalism, in 1999.

On January 9, 2013, three female revolutionary comrades, Sara, Fidan, and Leyla, were martyred with a treacherous conspiracy. In the process of popular revolutions, many revolutionary women who struggled for their right to free life were murdered by the enemy with the dirtiest and treacherous methods. It is no coincidence that comrades Sêvê, Fatma, and Pakize were martyred in Northern Kurdistan on January 6, 2015, after the three female revolutionaries Sara, Leyla and Fidan, were martyred together. It is seen that the truths that these martyr women revolutionaries brought to light can never be destroyed. One of these truths is the revolutionary revenge operation carried out against the Turkish MİT (Intelligence Agency) for comrade Sara and her comrades. Along with the capture of the MİT directors, Erdogan's enmity against the Kurdish and free women has been brought to the surface once again. As women, we live in the period of becoming Saras. There are attacks that concern Rojava and all four parts of Kurdistan. The stance of comrade Sara taught Kurdish women resistance against surrendering, to fight against attacks, to create the free women against the massacres of women, and to fight against all feudalism and reactionism.

Heval Sara has become the source of the Kurdistan Women's Freedom Movement with her determination, trust, love, the truth of reaching the stance of the free woman, and with her path and method. Today, tens of thousands of Saras are carrying on Sara's fight to create the free woman. Heritage, culture, struggle and resistance, which Comrade Sara created in all four parts of Kurdistan, has created organization, militarization, ideology and the philosophy of life. The revolution taking place in the north of Syria, growing more and more each day, has become a model of free life for all peoples and has been made permanent by the participation of women from Kurdish and Arab backgrounds, different nations and by the force of YPJ. Undoubtedly, all of these developments take their source of inspiration from comrades like Sara, Rojbin and Leyla. We, as YPJ forces, will respond to the sovereign and capitalist forces by raising our struggle to fulfill the memories and hopes of Comrade Sara and all the martyrs who are the pioneers of the Women's Liberation Movement. It must be known well that those who carried out this massacre will be held to account for. The greatest hope for comrade Sara was the emancipation of all women. As the individuals who will bring to life hopes, we renew our promise once again.

We declare again that women will hold to account such killers and massacrists with their struggle. In the name of strugglers Sara, Leyla and Rojbin, we commemorate all the Kurdistan Revolution Martyrs and all martyrs who fell for the cause of revolution in the north of Syria, and we repeat that we will be the followers of their struggles.”