Female prisoners: Our hope is the HDP

Female prisoners imprisoned in Kandıra Prison have sent a message of solidarity with the HDP.

The female political prisoners imprisoned in Kandira Prison sent a message of solidarity with the HDP. The message states: "In this difficult phase you have taken on an important role as a representative of the struggle for the liberation of women".

The message that was read during the presentation of the candidates for the June 24 parliamentary elections at the HDP Women's Council in Ankara continues: "First of all, we send you love, hope, strength, morale and our desire for success. There is no need to describe the situation in which the country is. We experience in the most devastating way the oppression of fascism, the destruction of the war, the violence of men and slavery imposed on women. But we can stop this course of events.

We women can manifest the power to end the domination of men and fascism, which is the strongest form of oppression and violence. We trust in you.

And we believe that we will carry forward the values of freedom and gains of women that have been achieved with great sacrifices. We look forward to the evening of June 24, when we will celebrate the victory of women.

With our hearts and our hope for freedom, we are with you.”