Euphrates Region Autonomous Administration condemns the international silence on Turkish attacks

The Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates Region condemned the attacks of the Turkish state on the region and the silence of the international community, calling for united struggle in response.

The Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates Region made a statement at the Free Women's Square in Kobanê addressing the increasingly ongoing Turkish attacks on North and East Syria.

Members of the Autonomous Administration, representatives of political parties, non-governmental organizations and families of martyrs were present as a press statement was read out by Xalid Cerade, Co-Chair of the Administrative Affairs Bureau of the Euphrates Region.

“The aim of the Turkish state is to destroy our project for a democratic nation,  which involves all Syrian peoples,” the statement said.

Pointing to Turkey’s support for ISIS and mercenary groups in the region, it said: “Turkey is attacking North and East Syria by airstrikes and ground attacks. The ongoing bombardment in the entire border region leaves local citizens martyred or injured.”

“We condemn the silence of legal organizations and the international community, particularly the US, Russia and the International Coalition. These international organizations and countries are responsible for the attacks on the region, as well as war crimes and genocide. We call on international powers, guarantor states and human rights organizations to abandon their silence,” the statement noted.

“We call on the people of the region and all pro-freedom peoples to stand by the peoples of North and East Syria and increase the struggle in order to put an end to the illegal and immoral practices of the invading Turkish state.”

On August 15, the Turkish state bombed the towns of Amude and Dirbesiyê, claiming the lives of three citizens.

On August 16, Kobanê downtown and border villages were bombed by heavy weapons, which left a 14-year-old boy dead and 5 citizens injured.