Day of action against patriarchal violence in Berlin

A day of action against patriarchal violence organized by the Network Against Feminicide took place in Berlin. The occasion was the murder of Besma Akinci a year ago.

The Berlin Network Against Feminicides held a day of action on Saturday entitled "We want to live - Our neighborhood defends itself against feminicides" in Wedding. This created a focal point for the neighborhood in public space throughout the day to build networks of solidarity against patriarchal violence. The day of action took place on the anniversary of Besma Akinci's murder.

"The guarantee of our freedom is self-defense," read a banner on a statue in the middle of a square in Berlin-Wedding. This square was declared a resistance square by the Berlin Network Against Feminicides on Nov. 25 and inaugurated with a rally in January. "In the case of feminicides in Berlin, the square is now a place to express anger and mourning over the systematic murder of women and feminized bodies," the network says:

"That self-defense is the guarantee of our freedom was also a reason why the network organized a day of action and workshops at the Resistance Square. This was transformed for a whole day into a place where people could come together to make patriarchal violence visible and find ways to defend themselves."

On the course of yesterday's day of action, the network informs: "First, the square was cleaned and decorated together, which was also openly invited and which already caused visibility, a small argument, but above all encouragement and some conversations on the square. A clothesline was hung, along with banners, drawing attention with red clothing, and an exhibition on feminicide and self-defense was attached to it." A small library and an information table with brochures were also set up. Here, passers-by could make contact with the Network against Feminicides and the Women's Commune Wedding.